Parys in the the winter

(or “Springs in the the Parys”)

Yesterday my beloved Sarah and I took a trip to Parys, just south of the Vaal river. It is a quaint little town, the main street lined with antique shops, antique dealers, old second-hands dealers, a few coffee shops and some antiquated people selling antiquated goods. After strolling through a few, we happened upon an aluminium bowl which was both on display and for sale! After trading in a piece of paper for this farmstyle bowl, we continued up the street, our brand new “plant pot” tucked under my wife’s arm.

Further along we found a shop selling old furniture. The old filing cabinets might have lost one of their ranks to the visiting vaalies in a polo, had it not been for the price. Beyond these metal treasures we found some wooden drawers, and bargained to buy a not-for-sale one. With both of our new plant pots now safely stowed in Moby’s boot**, we hungrily navigated a beeline to some pie and chips, washed down with Frankie’s lemonade for the lady and ginger beer for myself.

It really is a treat that the sun shines in winter here, and when it is not asleep or turning the moon red, the flaming friend truly makes living in the Transvaal (and visiting the Free State) a warm pleasure. Sure, there are not as many exciting thunderstorms, but seasonal change is a blessing.

All in all, this five-day weekend has kicked off to an altogether super start!

**Moby Dick, the hatchback whale — our white VW polo.


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