Ever have those days where you feel like this?
A friend sent me this – I think it’s great.
I do, often J So I made up a word in hope that ‘diagnosing’ the problem will help treat it, or maybe even prevent it, so here goes:
Micropocalypse (n) – the event of a small failure leading to the desire to give up on a larger scale. Eg: I cannot draw this leaf; I never want to draw again. I am experiencing a micropocalypse. I am having a micropocalyptic moment.
Since I made this word up my word processor has underlined it in red – this happens quite often when I type as I’m no spelling-bee queen – but am sure that in a few years those red squiggles will be gone! J
So I did a little survey type thing to see if these excess feelings of failure haunt others as they do me, and as it turns out, I am far from alone! It seems to ‘attack’ people differently though so we have feelings ranging from:
Happens all the time. Not just with work/career stuff either but also just “life” stuff. e.g. i burned dinner = i am horrible wife and how could i ever feed and take care of kids?!
‘one company won’t speak to me, so why bother contacting another company.’
And then:
‘Sometimes, when work is particularly difficult, I just want to go home and grow a beard.
‘I get it all the time, like when i failed my drivers. I still never went back ha ha ha ha
And finally:
‘What’s the antonym? You know, when you’re like, “that’s an awesome word, I’m quite good at making up words, i should start a whole new LANGUAGE!” (It will of course, possibly be followed by the micropocalypse later – i can’t make up a new language, it’s too hard, i will never speak again)
So in conclusion these results show that this is a common occurrence across many fields of life. So now that it has been diagnosed and clinically proven, let’s go out there and kick some micropocalyptic butt! J

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