Glitter scissors and the justice system.

These are the scissors I have in my classroom, as you can see, they are fairly cheerful.
But these two, are the most coveted of them all. Daily friendships have broken over who gets to use one of these two, and it’s not even just the girls. The boys also want to get in on some of that glitter orange scissor action.

At times it makes me despair a little, especially when I am trying to fascilitate an activity but instead find myself mostly dealing with (what feels like) unsatisfied little customers who are suddenly passionate about the concept of justice and who gets what. But in quieter moments I’ve come to realise that it is perhaps a good thing, and what they are really saying to me is that they care about aesthetics. That the look and feel of something can contribute to their level of happiness and directly affect their engagement. So I think I need to track down some more glitter scissors.

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