Tea with friends

I’ve recently been exploring the ritual of tea making and am fidning it to be a truly wonderful and relaxing experience. What has been even more special is that I have had an influx of tea related gifts in the past month all from very special people which has prompted this post. To begin with I’d like to share about these beautiful tea cups my friend Sarah gave me and my new discovery of lemon grass tea. After coming across it in Kenya I just bought some fresh lemon grass and let it dry out, then added hot water. I think this is currently my favourite drink, and now I have these beautiful cups that make the expereince feel all the more delicate and gentle, thanks lovely Hutchie 🙂

This next won wins the award for most time and painstaking effort put in by the very special Di. This is just a sample, but she labeled every single tea bag in the box! She even sneakily resealed the box so that it appeared not to have been tampred with. Such a great surpise and a nice thing to go look up while the kettle boils 🙂 Thanks Lady.

The next gift was from the ever thoughtful and fellow tea loving friend Jemu. This is truly so exciting, flowering tea! I dont really need to say more, I think the photos speak for themselves. Thanks Sister Lindsay 🙂

And just as I was beginning to wonder how I was going to keep all these lovely teas my Mom arrived from Kenya with this beautiful tea box full of wonderful suprises. The Kenyan tea really is wonderful and we tried many different types there. Thank you Mom for filling it whith such a lovely variety, they are all so yum!

And just before it gets too hot, we have sailing juice! Introduced to me by the most tea loving of them all, Lady Cath. Sailing juice is basically iced tea. This saved me last summer when we were trying to substancially cut down on our juice drinking habits. This here variety is green tea with a rasberry infusion. But we usually do Rooibos with a bit of honey and lemon. It is a perfect refeeshment of a hot Summers day. Thanks Mrs O!

And finally the most yummy pudding flavoured Masala Tea. Spicy Tea from Kenya prepared with hot frothy milk. For some reason Joe is super expert at preparing this and I don’t mond at all. It’s so lovely and warm and cosy. Thanks Love.

And so that is my tea story for now, and it will hopefully continue to be a lovely and ong journey of discovery 🙂

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