Simple Christmas Bunting DIY

Few things say Party Time  quite like bunting does. In fact our little shopping centre up the road is busy undergoing a make-over and they hung up construction bunting as a part of their warning efforts. My first thought was not, however, Warning, Stay Clear,but rather, ‘Oh look, a construction party!’ Oh dear… for me it was a clear confirmation of the message of bunting.


So in light of our wish to celebrate Christmas aesthetically this year, it seemed natural that bunting should in some way be a part of it. Here’s how I made and displayed it…


Some while ago we had a Craft and Gin ladies night, such fun! So there I played with painting and drawing and ended up with these designs. You can of course use any paper, patterned or plain but I find that card works best.


Cut the card into strips and then triangles.
Take a moment to enjoy the wonder and fun of symmetry 🙂
Take another moment, there are so many possibilities!
The white card I taped to string…


The brown card I punched and threaded.


And that was that! So Simple and sweet 🙂




 Party time!

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