A house under the stairs

One of the parents at Sarah’s school works for an import/export company and has access to a most amazing resource: used packing cardboard. Huge sheets of unprinted brown, with strong corner strips. The school made great use of it when someone built a castle out of it. For me, the thing which highlighted the seriousness of such a structure was that it is fastened together with bolts and nuts. This is no simple wood glue job. I wanted in.

Sarah brought me home some excellent building materials, as we had this awkward space under the stairs, which just collected our son’s toys and generally presented a prime construction site. So I got to work. Save for a brief pause during which I restocked my doorknob bolts, the work was quick and the result is just right.

With my wife’s design advice we placed and windowed the door, and proceeded to move in the furniture – namely, a blanket, a truck, two Lego dogs, and a little broom (well he’s got to keep the place clean, hasn’t he?).


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