Make the bed!

Our little man has outgrown his cot, and the alternative of a single bed takes up too much space in his small room. For a while he’s been bunking with us, but we thought it was time to find him a bed. Our local pine shop had one but it would cost too much. True to our maker selves, we made a plan.

It turned out to be really easy. A bed is essentially a frame with all right-angles and nothing finicky! We haven’t built a headboard as yet, but we are really happy with what we made. I did the design and woodwork, and Sarah did the painting and organised the custom mattress. Benjamin did the sizing and some screwdriver work. All in all we saved a few hundred rands and we got exactly the design we wanted. It’s 1.5m long and 70cm wide, with a rail to stop our son from sneaking out to late night parties.

This was a really nice project to do for our boy. It’s another one of those projects which proves “you can do it” with basic tools and without a real workspace.

Planning and cutting:


Painted and finished:

Oh, and a quick Easter Morning side project while the drill was out:

P.S. if you would like the plans, please let me know!


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