Freedom to Water

Our country is recovering from a really bad drought, and in the city we have had level 2 water restrictions, which limit water for gardening, car washing and the like. During summer, there were 6-to-6 restrictions, but with some recent rains and the onset of cooler weather, Joburg Water has relaxed the restriction window so it is now from 8am to 4pm

I’ve experienced a very strange freedom which has come with these limits. I have had a fresh realisation of the freedom we have to access water, clean water, at the turn of a tap, whenever we want it. The civil restrictions have emphasised the value of this precious resource. They’ve emphasised not only the preservation of it, but the good use of it too! Before, I could neglect our plants for days – weeks even. Now, when the evening comes around, I am spurred on to water our few balcony pots and thirsty planters that are waiting for a drink.

It is such a joy that within the limited window of 4pm to 8am we can shower our garden. There is such a difference between this and the dry attempts we used to make; everything is growing really well even as winter sets in!


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