Hello! We are the Springs, and we’re very glad you’ve found2015-12-23 11.35.45 our blog. Our aim in writing here is to share our experiences and thoughts, with the purpose of encouraging our readers through enjoyable articles and posts.

The four categories we write in are the following:

  1. Veni, Vidi, Scripsi – These are our travel writings. Quite simply, “we came, we saw, we wrote”, translated with poetic licence for the sake of a great title. We’re a family of two working parents and an awesome toddler, so our travel is more on the homely and humble side. We share details about local side-trips and lovely places we find in our own back yard (from Johannesburg across the rest of the country).
  2. Making – We are passionate about improving any place where we settle. This translates into art, furniture projects, home decor, container gardening and just about anything else we can think of to better our little corner of the city.
  3. Poetry & Lyrics – Of our four categories, two are about creative writing. This is the first, where you’ll find poetry and songwriting in either final or draft form.
  4. Let there be prose – As with the previous category, we are creative beings and sometimes we write stories and such. The books we’re working on might feature here too.

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